Help the development of scientific studies, trainings and best practices on organized crime aiming at the development of the comprehension and analysis of all aspects of transnational organized crime.

"Chi ha paura muore ogni giorno, chi non ha paura muore una volta sola"

Paolo Borsellino

What is OCO ?


The press review is a long-term objective of the Association turing it into a real observatory of transnational crime facts around the planet.

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Get last informations about organized crime research over the word. Studies, books, researche, reports, announcements.

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The last press and media information about what is going on on organized crime around the world. We gather more than 500 news in 5 different languages every day. We try to provide some selection on illegal trafficking and organized crime.

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We publish our press announcements on the different activities regarding the network and our association’s activities.

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Recent News

La mafia calabraise, aussi rentable que la Deutsche Bank et McDonald’s réunis

Un institut estime que la ‘Ndrangheta a engrangé 53 milliards de chiffres d’affaires. Un poids économique qui entrave le développement de cett

A report from Uruguay for a potential fiscal evasion and money laundering concerning Lazaro Baez in Argentina

Uruguay avanza contra Báez y busca pruebas de lavado a través de una de sus constructoras Una jueza oriental pidió acceso a una causa de evasión

Ukraine energy tycoon arrested in Austria for bribery

A pro-Russia Ukrainian energy magnate has been arrested in Austria at the request of the United States following an FBI investigation. Dmytro


The team of Transparency International Ukraine has prepared a very timely draft law On the Principles of State Anti-Corruption Policy in Ukrain

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