The new investigative report of PublicEye explores the links between oil, cash and misappropriation of Gunvor and the authorities of Congo-Brazzaville.

« In January 2012, Gunvor employees watched in amazement as federal police searched the company’s headquarters, located at 80–84 Rue du Rhône, in one of Geneva’s most exclusive neighbourhoods. The police officers carried away box after box of documents, and the Africa Desk’s hard drive. Amazing indeed, but then The Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland had just launched criminal proceedings against unknown offenders for “suspected money laundering operations”. This was in connection with allegations of corruption and bribery as part of a major oil deal signed with the Republic of the Congo. This was a country constantly under the spotlight for the embezzlement and mismanagement of its oil revenues. The Swiss bank accounts held with Geneva-based bank Clariden Leu belonging to two intermediaries paid by Gunvor and to a business developer employed by the company were frozen. More than USD 30 million in commissions went in and out of these accounts over a matter of just months. So what was this unusual oil deal all about? And why had the Swiss authorities targeted it? »

See the full report here.  PublicEye_Gunvor-in-Congo_report_2017_68p